Sunday, June 19, 2011

Stories of Salad

Ah, so I will talk about salad.  What else can I do with 3 bags of fresh lettuce?  After a weekend of beer drinking and junk food (courtesy of my brother's awesome wedding!), I was craving a real meal but lacked the energy to be too creative.  Cue the frozen ravioli and jarred pasta sauce. 

But, I did make a noteworthy salad!  It was clear that I was using farm fresh lettuce as I had to wash away the dirt and pick out the random blades of grass.  I also sliced up a fresh, crisp radish.  I hated radishes, until I discovered farm fresh radishes.  They add such a wonderful touch of color and crunch.  Yum.  But the point here, since this is a cooking blog, is the salad dressing.  I can't technically claim this recipe as my own.  It's an evolved version of my mom's homemade dressing.  It's super simple, healthy, and I always have the ingredients on hand.

2 parts olive oil
1 part Heinz gourmet salad vinegar
roughly a teaspoon of Brady Street Cheese Sprinkle (from Penzeys) per 1/4 cup of dressing
a dash of Fox Point Seasoning (also Penzeys)
a small squirt of mayo- it keeps the oil and vinegar from separating

I make it in a glass jar with a lid.  Screw on the lid.  Give it a vigorous shake.  Enjoy!

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