Thursday, June 16, 2011

Some Things to Know

There are two reasons that I wanted to start this blog.  One is that I invent some pretty awesome recipes- well, not exactly recipes...I'll explain later.  I am terrible about writing things down and my memory is not always the sharpest.  I want to have my ideas recorded somewhere.  The other reason is that often I get great ideas from reading others cooking blogs, so I'm hoping that someone will enjoy my ideas.  There are just a few things to know if you want to cook with me:

Spices- If you don't own spices from Penzeys, stop right now and run, don't walk, to the nearest Penzey's store (or go to their website ( and get to buying.  Their spices are amazing.  Really.  Any time I reference a spice, its going to be a Penzey's product. 

Recipes- As mentioned above, I don't do recipes.  I don't even care for baking too much because I dislike following a recipe.  I don't like building furniture, assembling toys, or reading maps either.  Directions aren't my strong point in life.  When I mention portions in my recipes, it's most likely a rough guess.  I don't even own a teaspoon, hee hee.  I talk in handfuls, sprinkles, and pinches.

Food Quality- I'm particular about the quality of ingredients.  I buy mostly local meat.  Grass fed organic beef.  Organic, free range chicken and eggs.  Commercial meat processing scares me.  I watched FoodInc and I can't go back.  I also buy almost all of my fruits and vegetables organic.  I'm not some crazy, yuppy, trendy, hippie.  Promise I'm not.  I just like the way fresh, organic food tastes.  Period.

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